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I’ve just posted a short introduction video on YouTube.  The video is 1:30 minutes in length, featuring natural wildlife that’s near me in Minnesota, actually my backyard. The YouTube link to video is below, along with a few details from the video, and links to learn more about birds featured in video.

I hope you enjoy the video!

What you will see in video:

A Black-capped Chickadee collects seeds from a Cherry log feeder. This bird is known for collecting seeds to eat later. Photo by Jannet Walsh. Copyright © 2021 Jannet Walsh. All Rights Reserved.

Sounds of the Black-capped Chickadee – In the video you will hear the sounds of a small bird, a Black-capped Chickadee, sending out a call.  Since I’ve posted the video, I’ve learned the sounds are called a gargle call used during times of aggression, like at bird feeders, or when fighting over territory.   That all adds up as I was walking near the bird feeders in bird territory, although my backyard.  Learn more about this bird, along with calls and sound, at All About Birds website, hosted by Cornell University.





A female Hairy Woodpecker grabs seeds from a log with suet. Photo by Jannet Walsh. Copyright 2021 © Jannet Walsh. All Rights Reserved.

Hairy Woodpecker – The video features a female Hairy Woodpecker climbing on a tree limb upside down, about two or more stories high. I see this bird almost daily in my backyards this winter, along with the Downy Woodpecker.

The Hairy Woodpeckers are about 7 to 10 inches in length, about the size of a robin.  They have strong bills for searching for insects, and pecking on trees or wooden houses.  The male Hairy Woodpecker has a red marking on the back on head.  To learn more about this bird, visit All About Birds.





A Red-breasted Nuthatch gathers food from an apple covered with seeds and peanut butter. Photo by Jannet Walsh. Copyright ©2021 Jannet Walsh. All Rights Reserved.

Red-breasted Nuthatch – In the video you will see a Red-breasted Nuthatch fly next to me to on the way to a bird feeder.  These birds are known for a sound, yank-yank, something like a tiny car horn.

I make the apple, peanut butter and seed hanging balls for the birds, and hang them from bird feeders.  The birds pick at them, and eventually I need to remove the fermented fruit without seeds. These are great for taking photos and videos, and the birds have not left me any complaints.

Direct link to video

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Take time to enjoy your surrounds outside in nature daily!

Get outside, close as possible – If weather is bad, try to sit or stand near a window while you are working.  Look for birds, rabbits, squirrels or more.  Start a daily journal and record what you see.

I look forward to share with you my love for nature with my photos, videos, blogs and more!

Best wishes,

Jannet Walsh

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