Dublin Diaries introduced

Dublin Diaries, Video series by Jannet L. Walsh

By Jannet L. Walsh
May 1, 2021


I’m introducing a first in a series of videos called Dublin Diaries about my adventures in rural Minnesota. I’ll be sharing my life on the prairie, along with my photography, writing and other adventures.

Dublin Diaries takes it name from Dublin Township in Swift County where I live in rural Minnesota named in honor of the early settlers from Ireland.

I will take you along with me on my trips to Ireland, home of my ancestors, who ultimately settled in the rural farming community of Murdock, located in Dublin Township. My plan is to publish Dublin Diaries weekly, or as needed.

First video is posted. Please visit Dublin Diaries at my YouTube channel. I invite you to watch my first episode, just over one minute in length.

I have a detailed video prepared, and plan to release it shortly about my forthcoming book Higgledy-Piggledy Stones: Family Stories from Ireland and Minnesota, scheduled publication is 2022 by Shanti Arts Publishing.

Dublin Diaries will certainly be one of the places you can learn about my manuscript becoming a published book!

Visit Dublin Diaries at YouTube channel.

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Additional details Jannet L. Walsh, of Murdock, Minnesota, is a visual journalist, photographer, writer, public relations professional and educator.  She is the author of forthcoming creative nonfiction quest narrative Higgledy-Piggledy Stones: Family Stories from Ireland and Minnesota, scheduled publication is 2022 by Shanti Arts Publishing. Walsh has written on technology, travel, religion, and wrote newspaper columns on career, workforce and business. Her photos and videos have been featured by CNN, CNN iReport, HLN, The New York Times Company and the California Academy of Sciences. Walsh most recently served as assistant professor of strategic communications and multimedia at St. Cloud State University, SCSU. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Augsburg University, Master of Arts in Photography from Ohio University School of Visual Communication, and Bachelor of Science from SCSU.

A detailed biography can be found online at the Biography page,

Best wishes,

Jannet L. Walsh

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